Everything you need to know before your 3D Body Scan

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Do I need to book before hand ?

Yes please, this can be done via our website booking online section.

Can I book a different time to your normal appointment hours ?

Yes of course, please email us on info@bodymetrics3d.co.uk or give us a call on 01536 866007 or mobile 07368 160891 and we may be able to arrange something.

Do I need to bring anything ?

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic a mask is required for entrance into the Wellbeing Centre and for all 3D Body Scans.

What shall I wear ?

To get the best 3D scan of your body wear form fitting clothes or shape revealing clothing. such as swimwear.  Alternatively for women this could be leggings and a sports bra, for men, Lycra shorts or boxer briefs and no shirt. The wrinkles and folds of a loose shirt or baggy shorts can mask changes to your body, and will make it hard to accurately track progress as you lose fat and your body's shape and size changes.


If you have long hair this should be pinned up (away from your neck). It is advisable to remove any watches and shoes. You can keep your socks on as we clean the turntable after every use, we do have disposable socks should you wish to wear these.

I need to cancel, what shall I do ?

Should you need to cancel your scan you can do this by sending us an email  at least 24 hours before hand, you can re-book your scan at no extra charge.  


If you cancel less than 24 hours of your appointment you will be able to re-book another scan, however a re-booking fee of £20 will be required, payable on booking.

Can I buy a membership ?

We will be offering a membership package shortly. 

I'm pregnant, is it safe to have a scan ?

It is safe to have a 3D Body Scan whilst you are pregnant. or have a pacemaker fitted. The kinect sensor used in the Styku sensor emits harmless infrared light, similar to that used in a remote control.  It is completely non-invasive and safe to use.

I have a pacemaker, is it safe to have a scan ?