What is Styku & 3D Body Scanning ?

New technology can track risks and measure fat, and help you make the lifestyle changes you need to improve the quality of your life

3D Body Scanning is a simple and harmless infrared scan (taking less than 35 seconds) that is completely private and contactless. Styku recreates your body in 3D and shows you how your shape is changing over time.

Weight scales often mislead you into thinking you're not making any progress. Nothing is more illustrative and more motivating than to actually see your body transform over time.

Track your progress and monitor your body shape and dimentions with Styku.  It can extract your waist, hips, thighs, body fat% and more with medical grade precision with less than 1% error.  The measurements are 76% more precise than an expert tailor and so much easier.

Set goals with our fat-loss and calorie counter.  Styku collects and displays data, shape, body composition and other information that can track the changes in your body as it responds to exercise and nutritional guidance.

See the real you and see your progress over time as you've never seen before.

View Your Body Shape

Reveals your body shape and how its changing

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Set Personalised Goals

Set Goals with a fat-loss & Calorie calculator


Track Your Progress

Extracts waist, hip, thigh, body fat% and more with medical grade precision.


Fast & Non-Invasive

Uses Harmless light, Takes only 35 seconds to scan

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Track your Progress

Shape Your Future

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New Growth

The Secret of change is to focus all of your energy,

not on fighting the old, but on building the New